Saudi in Top 5 Most Photographable Pavilions

This week Expo 2017 have compiled a list of the top 5 pavilions to take the most interesting and unusual photos in. And, we’re very happy that the Saudi Pavilion has been included!

There are lots of exciting photo opportunities inside the Pavilion, from having your photo taken next to portraits of the royal family, to posing with Fatima the Falcon and wearing traditional Saudi dress.

Check out the official Astana Expo Instagram account for a video of the top 5 pavilions, and the Saudi Expo account for more photos of the event. Here are some of our favorite pictures so far:



National Days in Astana

Expo 2017 has a jam-packed daily schedule of events and celebrations. The program is diverse with events including children’s workshops, parades, regional days of Kazakh culture, orchestral performances and concerts by international music stars. In addition to all of this, every participating country has their own day of cultural celebrations!

These nominated National Days are a fantastic way for countries to share their culture and heritage and showcase their commitment to Future Energy.

The 22nd August will be Saudi Arabia’s National Day and we can’t wait to share what we have planned!

Here are some photos from some of our favorite National Days so far:

Ukraine’s National Day
Thailand’s National Day
Thailand’s National Day
China’s National Day
Ghana’s National Day
Azerbaijan’s National Day

A Month of Expo 2017!

Expo 2017 opened four weeks ago in Astana, the new capital city of Kazakhstan, and what a month it’s been!

The Expo is themed around Future Energy and features pavilions from 115 participating countries and 22 international organizations.

TalentS|KCA have designed and developed the Pavilion for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we’re also managing the operations of the Pavilion during the three-month event.

We oversaw the recruitment of over 40 local Guides and comprehensively trained them before the Expo opened, helping them develop as a team and prepare for their new roles. We couldn’t be more impressed with them! They have become an incredible team and are continually wowing us with their dedication and enthusiasm.

The KSA Pavilion was amongst the top 10 most visited pavilions within the first 10 days of Expo and we are continuing to welcome an astonishing number of visitors. Within the first three weeks of Expo, over 100,000 people had visited the Pavilion and today has been our busiest day to date with well over 20,000 visitors!

Check back here for regular updates about the event and follow SaudiExpo2017 on Twitter and Instagram for the latest happenings, KSA facts and pictures!