Madeline’s VIP tour of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Masterpieces

This is the first in our series of blog posts written by Mediators at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Creating a talented team of Mediators at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

In the blogs the Mediators will talk about their experiences of our training, delivering tours and working at the landmark universal museum during its inaugural period.

The first blog is by Madeline.

VIP Masterpieces of the LAD tour

Guests: The former President of Ukraine, Mr. Viktor Yushchenko, the former First Lady Mrs. Kateryna Mykhaylivna Yushchenko and their daughter Ms. Sophia Yushchenko

The Louvre Abu Dhabi was celebrating its grand VIP opening on the 10th of November, many esteemed visitors walked through its doors from the morning till the late evening. The mediation team was prepared and honoured to receive the guests, excited to show them the wonders in the galleries within.

I was given the honour to Guide the tour of the Former Ukrainian President, Mr. Viktor Yushchenko, his honourable wife the former First Lady Mrs. Kateryna Mykhaylivna Yushchenko and their daughter Ms. Sophia Yushchenko. We walked into the galleries, standing in the Grand vestibule the journey began; exploring a brief introduction of the museum chapters, explaining how this part of the museum represented a small introduction into the chapters and tells us the story of civilisations. As we moved through the chapters, Mr. Yushchenko and the former First Lady were taken by the beauty of the narrative, which slowly revealed the footsteps of civilisation across the world and their influence on one another. Their brilliant daughter Ms. Sophia was very excited to see artworks such as the Door panels with geometric motifs from Egypt, which affirmed her knowledge of the Almond shaped motifs in inlaid ivory as she knew were characteristic of Mamluk decorative art.

It was a journey which ended with beautiful and stimulating conversation with the former royal family under the dome; the tour was vibrant, enlightening and mind opening. We explored artworks from the beginning of civilisations, all the way to abstract and contemporary artists, such as the Russian artist Kandinsky, which was one of their favourites. It was a beautiful journey around the museum, and I hope to be honoured to see them again soon.

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