Amaryllis’ passion for the arts shines through at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Continuing our series of blog posts by Mediators at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Amaryllis writes about a tour that became particularly meaningful to her.

My tour of the Masterpieces of the Louvre Abu Dhabi started in the Grand Vestibule where I introduced myself, the narrative of the LAD, and the structure of the tour.

I then moved my group through the twelve chapters of the museum, providing historical context for each chapter and highlighting 1-2 masterpieces per chapter. I started off with roughly 15-20 people and by the final chapter, there were around 40, maybe more.

Though this was not my first tour, it was a tour I will never forget. Through the duration, I was encouraged by people who came up to me to say that they were enjoying the tour, that I was doing a great job, and that my passion for art and the Louvre Abu Dhabi is contagious.

As I concluded my tour and was applauded by my group, a sense of validation took over me and I could not help but be emotional. I was approached by people who wanted to book tours with me in the future, and by Directors within the art world who felt moved by the way I spoke about the artworks.

The entire tour from start to finish was a magical moment and one, which I am grateful to have experienced! I am also very grateful for Annie’s reassuring hug at the end of my tour – she has seen me develop from the start, having interviewed and trained me, while continuing to provide guidance every step of the way!

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