A Tour for 21 Ambassador’s Partners

Farah is one of the Mediators at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. In this blog she shares her experience of giving a particularly special tour around the Museum to partners of Ambassadors to UAE from around the world.

The 21 wives of Ambassadors tour embodied Louvre Abu Dhabi’s concept, which is a meeting of a globalized and connected world. When I first met the ladies, some were in vibrant, colorful traditional clothing and I could already tell this was going to be one of my favorite tours. Here we had so many countries represented, all standing proud of where they came from.

After entering the museum, I explained ” Louvre Abu Dhabi takes the universal museum concept to another level, by placing artworks from different civilizations side by side, creating a dialogue on the human narrative. Their faces lit up, and we began the tour through 12 chapters of civilization.

During the tour, I felt each person discover a piece of herself or an object representing their heritage. The Egyptian wife stood a little higher when discussing Ramses the 2nd, the great pharaoh of Egypt. The Portugese wife shouted “Portugal!” when we reached the Namban Screen depicting the first contact of Portugal in Japan. In 90 minutes, I told a story on the human narrative through art, and in a way through each and every one of them. The ladies continuously expressed their admiration for the curation of the museum, a mirror of their collective portrayal.

As we exited the galleries and gathered under the dome, conversations sparked and their colors shined even brighter.


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